في حيا تي

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Y" we"C?

~$imple $hort $tory~
~$Worth A lot$~
~A beautiful night~an easy weather~an amazing site~
~Two spirits were walking side by side~
~Music around from a tempting band~smelling lightly the drink in his hand~
~Yet, he speaks clearly:"why do we see my future bride?~
~So she thinks clearly of his sight putting life parts beside~
~She notices a trasparent kite, challenging surroundings that keeps us blind~
~Then she whispers:"he's so right, why do we see in the light of nights?~
~Then she deeply answers, "it's ur spiritual hight"~
~Secretly saying, "i understand it coz it's so white"~

He sees not to look at her, she sees not to look at him, both of them see each other to look at the same direction.

Monday, November 13, 2006

"Second mooooooon"

Am i special or just an add to a list ending soon?
Am i an old cruch flying out of a beautiful bloom?

Am i wishing strongly a solid protective boom?
Am i outside or indside a mysterious boon?
Am i deeply hearing their confusing croon?
Am i feeding her sadness with a golden spoon?
Am i watching clearly or inside the cartoon?

Am i really asking to ba a second moon?
Dear God show us who's the second moon.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ya TaTa Ya

~ Why do people lose each other?
One is hurt must have given up & other did not stop the hurt wisely or fasten the seat belt.

~ A promise is a promise in my life coz i am ready for love, but is love ready and a man enough for me? Let's see :)

~ Private matters never stay private coz pure love gets to stay when nothing gets to be called "it's personal", unless it's reaching RED ZONES. Red zones are limits set by people to stay inside guidelines of treatment and each person has different limits. I, myself, define Red Zone as: Openning any personal/private matters without allowing the other person to touch the untouchable coz all women & men have limits in life specially within each other. A smart mature man knows how to respect a woman's limits and a smart mature woman makes herself clear when a man crosses his limits once and for all. A sentence which was strongly & smartly mentioned by an old dear friend showed the assurance in his choice was by him saying: "she is the right person for me because she knows my limits". Habhab :)

To B.H.:

I wish you didn't share with others B.H., I wish you shared with me, i wish you didn't share with D., coz everyone can be a D. I just wonder how foolishly young people run from one distance to another trying to send doubting messages...seperating others with not knowing that they're just bringing troubles. I wish tata left with peace or they just waited for her leave, yet things happen for a reason out of somewhere to find a release. After all, i love u B.H. & miss the shall ;)

~ Dont try to comment, judge or change elders specially family members and their lives, if you like it take it all as one and if humans can change something then just start with you being number one.

~ If you want to buy just one priority thing, smartly focus on it...dont look around to irrelative other surrounding things because you will end up with either nothing or broke so its a loss end. Inspired by "A real woman knows that a real man is a priority, a real man knows that a real woman is worth". Written by S.A. so thanks.

~Every mature man likes a woman who understands his weakness and covers it with love after she passes her doubts, every mature woman senses what he saw different than another and how he understands her difference. Two different environment come together to make ONE.
He will like in her what he misses in him more than what she has alike, she will like in him what she has alike in her more what he doen't have alike in her. Woman are faster to adabt & that makes opposites attract showing how leadership in this life tracks.

~ There is never a second chance to make a first good impression, always check out the first coz it matters at some point, believe that time is always a great healer to go for a new chance. La ma7abbah ella ba3d 3adawa...confusing haa fa 7'alleha 3ala Allah ;)

~ If you are going to do something to just get somewhere then don't do it, the feeling & enjoyment of that; is worth it when you get it all during the process & once u reach that somewhere, u know u've got it all.

~ Never stop humans from doing the good in life, never let life take you from someone you love, love God more than anyone. Special thanks to M.F. in thoes meaningfull pure beliefs.

~ Kees el batatis walla kees el chips? We must have both, the hard way and the easy ways in reaching things in our lives. M.F.

~ We have new years eve. to renew the feeling of LOVING, have birthdays to renew the feeling of GROWING, have chances to renew the feeling of CHANGING things. Inspiration.

~ If you see a woman who just got bad news, her husband's death, singing while washing the dishes ...dont judge...get close to see the tears coming out the heart of her deep crying eyes. Its the sound of pain but unfortunately people can't see or hear clearly unless she starts to rain. Things are not always what it seems to be.

~ If you see your husband fighting and screeming in one minute then few seconds later heads towards you asking to make love, don't think he is selfish, careless or rude coz he is just saying sorry wife i miss you. Don't expect things to happen the way you want it to coz everyone has his/her own way. Inspiration.

~ We have brains but we MIND to think, like when when someone believes that we "use" our teeth while drinking the milk! Got my point ;)

~We always fall in this: Never corner a man and choose ur selfishness rather than choosing the right time. I am trying but it's hard though ;p We sound pushy when we are hurt, right, worried, wrong, needy, trying to show or ask for emotional things but people always JUST listen to the sound and forget the source that makes it loud.

~ Last but not least, love isn't how we forget but how we forgive, not how we listen but how we understand, not what we see but how we feel, not how we expect but how we act, not how we blame but how we fix, not how we let go but how we hold on! It is "One Tree Two Leaves"...Invistments in LIFE. S&M

Plz grown ups out there, hold on to each other away from people's talks, away from throwing others to the edges, away from making it hard on others, away from outside judgments, away from moods or fakeness, away from insulting conversations, away from hurtfull questions, away from mature childness, away from dangerous thoughts, away from too much interruptions, away from moving TWO different dancers outside killing ONE target reaching to dance inside.

For thoes pure distant souls in life, hold on and help each other. Distance kills even if you are heart 2 heart close. A GOOD goodbye happens when u are in both a real worth woman's/man's lOVE.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


...To The World...

Be yourself~follow your senses~listen to your heart
Don’t let things stop you~take all chances you've
No pride & dignity when want a fresh start...
Remember deep moments…
It's always smart…
Real love doesn't hurt…
It's good to wake up with ooops i forgot ;)
Simple eye sees the good throws any other part…
Call it strength…
Life is short...
No waste on being apart...
Pure but weird…no matter what...
We always admire I LOVE U…if we agreed or not

Don't you ,Ladies & Gentlemen, agree with me or what??

Saturday, March 11, 2006



وَن تو ثِري...فور فايف سيكْس

تقوللّي لا تينو أقولكْ الواد شِكْس

رَقصُه المزاج بيانو عسل كُله فلكس

النغم في عينه في كيانه أصلُه عُبارة عن مِكْس

سمرا و شقرا و شوكولاته و فراولة حمرا

إلاهي كُل مَلّه وَحَشْني حبيبي البامبينو

خِفّة دمّه نِمرة فالحِلوين حَوليه وبِينه

بويعقوب الكابتن هُوَ الكِنج في المدينة

ياناسْ شوفوا العسل ؛ رافع الراية على جبينه

Friday, March 10, 2006

07 of Mar.,06 "صديق"


صديقي الغريب راح
كلامه في الدنيا كفاح
إن قابله اليأس طاح
إن سمعه الإحساس صاح
إسمه في اللأذان فلاح
لو يسألون السبب المتاح
الجواب صداقته براح
قصصه مدينة حب ونواح
دروسها عبر كالرماح

11th of Mar., 06 شيء غريب

شيء غريب

كثيرإلّي يخون الود و أنا الود أبد ما أخون
من غيرك عرفت الرد وقلت البعد عنك لا يهون

تخون في بعدي أو قربي منك وتقولها بلطف في حياتي شخص..آسف مرهون
تقود الوفا والصدق بشجون..إلاهي كإنك شريف وبالشرف مكنون
أستغرب تصرفاتك وأقول عنك مجنون بس عزيزي على راسي لإنك تمون

إخترتك من بين الناس وعاملتك بصدق واحساس....الدرس عرفته يا من قلت إني أعز الناس بس ما ذاب ودك وما صرت كأي جنس من الأجناس..أنا مو بس تعلمت من الدرس على قول صديقي الحساس..... ولكن عرفت احساسي بك ما يخيّبب......إحساسي بعيد عن إله يقولوه الناس.....إحساسي شيء غريب إنكشف بعد دق الأجراس والأيام تثبت إنك عندي غالي ومهما صار مرفوع الراس..بعدك يالغالي انت سببه وأقول عنك أستاذي و لو بكياني لعبت أو جرحت عالي الراس...حرام... طعنت بداخلي إنسان حساس وعلى قلبي الوفي انداس

Saturday, January 07, 2006

07 of Jan.,06 وهم الواقع

وهم الواقع

يقول أنه في الحب أسير وأنه عاشق ليس له مثيل
حبٌ و دلع ولمسته حرير والدلع كان له هدفٌ كبير
ذوقٌ ولطف واحترام كثير إنسان إحساسه قويٌ جميل
بدايته كأنه أميرٌ مثير ونهايته للأسف خائنٌ حقير

كلامه عسل أحياناً سكره ثقيل أما كذبه صدقٌ طعمه مرير

تمثيله إعادةٌ لفيلم رذيل...ورقصه نسيان لمشواره الطويل
ضحكته حلوة همسة وسبيل...في الدنيا يمشي بخبرته عليل
عشقته عشقاً ليس له أول أوأخير..جرحني وجرحه قليلاً لوقلت عنه كبير
يارَيتُك أبعدتني عن طريقك يا طفلها الفقير..لا أعلم أخسارة فيه دعواتي والسند الجليل؟

أُهدي "وهم الواقع" لمن يحبّ قلب شخص وروحه آخر بشدة و لقد صدقت صديقتي بقول "كل بياخذ في حياته نصيبه" فقد يترك للأسف نصيب الإنسان بصمة صعبة ناتجة عن الخيانة، التعب والوحدة. الحب مطلوب ولابد ان يرافقه الحذر الذي يخيف امان القلوب و لكنه شرط مطلوب. ضعف الحب غريب والدمع من العين ينزف بشكل عجيبب والله يقدّرالبشر على نسيان أي خائن كان حبيب.